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Plundering a New Pond

Well today I decided I would go toothing with Ditchweezil and we ended up going to the spot that should not be hunted. In just a few digs of digging into the layer I find a shamer great white just a little under 2 ½” and it actually had most of the root to. Than I started digging a different area and I start noticing something that looked more like bone at first and it kept going back into the layer. I was getting real excited because I had no idea what it was and it ended up being the biggest piece of petrified wood I’ve ever found and seen. It took me almost an hour to dig it out because the layer was so hard to dig and the whole piece actually stayed pretty intact I thought it would break before I got it all the way out. I didn’t find too much teeth today because I mainly focused on digging out that piece of wood.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/5/2003

Mostly broken teeth today.
This photo shows most of the wood exposed.
A pic of me with the petrified wood. We rarely find pieces this big in SC.

33" Petrified Wood
33" Petrified Wood





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