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Not the best day I've ever had

I got up early today because I thought I was going to hunt in a really cool place. I drove all over looking for the others I was supposed to meet, but in the end, I gave up and decided to look for somewhere else to go. I picked up Indiana because he's pretty much the only person I know who can go hunt on the drop of a dime. We drove to a new lead but they were working so we went on to the next potential spot. It was lame, so we went to my house to grab some scuba / snorkel gear so we could try out the Edisto. Then, I remembered that the water temp was about 67 when tha duDe went last week, so I thought it best not to take indiana there with his asthma and all. Next we went downtown hoping to spot something along the way, but there was nothing. Finally, we ended up at the Golf Course. I drove 170 miles and got to hunt for two hours, but I FINALLY FOUND SOME TEETH! Hopefully next week will be better.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/11/2003


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Discovering a new spot...
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A Summerville Sunday...
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Meeting Brachiomyback





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