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Hit and Run

Tha duDe, the weEzlinG, and I jetted out early today to get some diggin in before dinner. Since it was Thanksgiving, there would be no crews anywhere so we would have our pick of the ponds. We went over to the Golf Course, and wouldn't you know that they started digging another pond for us? This one wasn't finished, though, so we jumped out of the truck, suited up, and started digging feverishly. Except for the weEzlinG - he just kind of wanders around looking for things to either throw or beat on with his shovel. The new pond had deceptively good layer. A heavy gravel deposit sat atop the Chandler Bridge layer. Digging in it, however, yielded nothing but a few shamer angustidens. There were very few bones in the layer and no megalodon teeth. I finally remembered some stuff that I have been reading about SC geology (I'm working on an updated layers page) and thought to dig a little higher. Sure enough, there it was, the layer with the meg teeth. The only problem was that this layer was lousy. Everything was badly worn and very fragile. We tried all around the pond, but really didn't come away with anything spectacular. I found a big mako finally that made it worth coming out, and a little later, I got a megalodon thrill. Too bad it was broken in the ground. Oh well, they can't all be great. This weekend is starting off on the right foot. One fossil trip down, three to go, and I already have a nice mako. Sweet! The stuff I might find is gonna keep me awake at night!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/27/2003

Not very many teeth, but the layer at this pond was pretty lousy. There were 2 - a lower wando above the chandler bridge and a middle to upper one with the bluish green clay interspersed with the white rocks. Good stuff comes out of it, but its a rare occasion indeed. The Mako came from it, but where I found it the layer was orange clay instead of green. There are large decomposing phosphate nodules in it which makes it tough to dig. Luckily I didn't crush it.

2 15/16" Mako Shark Tooth
2 15/16" Mako Shark Tooth





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