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What I've been waiting for

A sunny, breezy, cool day awaited tha duDe, Indiana, an I as we ventured forth into the 2thin grounds. On the way, 2th h00ver called me and said he had a new pond to go check out, so we zoomed over to meet him. It was a deep pond whos entire bottom was covered with a light grey Chandler Bridge. There were little teeth everywhere, so h00v was content to pick them up. For his efforts, he was rewarded with one of the most killer angel shark teeth I've ever seen. The rest of us dug, though. The rest of us eventually gave up, too. Digging the CB is often a fruitless endeavor. So we didn't waste the day, we went back to the spot that should not be to dig in the big pond again. We quickly split up, and I made a bee line for the hole I was digging in yesterday. I ended up continuing that trench all the way around the pond to the point where I first started yesterday but left because I wasn't finding anything. 10 feet from that very spot, I finally found what I was looking for - a megalodon tooth. Not just any megalodon teeth, either. This was a big one. My first sight of it was of the back. A gorgeous dark orange and white serrated blade was laying at an angle in the ground. I carefully exposed the entire tooth. That part is always my favorite part - the meticulous clearing away of debris. The whole time not knowing if the tooth is whole or not. Then, when you find out it is, AWW MAN! That's the stuff. Anyway, I still didn't know if this one was whole or not, though, so I got well underneath it with my shovel and flipped it out. 5 minutes later, I had the front clean enough for me to tell that all the enamel and bourlette were complete. The tip has a nasty ding, though, but what can you do? Its amazing its in as good of shape as it is. It was enough for me. I showed it around and packed it away before we left. 2th h00ver ended up finding a decent little megalodon tooth on the hill behind tha duDe (that made him HAPPY, too, since his whole day digging saw little in the way of reward). Today I breathed a sigh of relief. I had my meg, so anything I find Sunday afternoon is just icing on the cake. Just how much icing remains to be seen, though.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/29/2003


5 1/2" Megalodon Shark Tooth
5 1/2" Megalodon Shark Tooth





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