January 26, 2022  
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The skunking continues - but only for one of us!

The construction crews wouldn't be working today since its Christmas weekend, so we went out to this awesome new pond. The entire bottom is dug to the chandler bridge and wando formations. In some places, the wando is under a little mud so you can dig everything. We dug from about 10 to 4 and I uncovered several hundred square feet - all devoid of quality fossils. I found a lot, but it was all mangled. tha duDe, however, finally hit paydirt. After a long hiatus from the megalodon glory, he found a whopper! I was moving earth like a machine when I heard this shaky sounding "Dude! come here!" I see him holding a massive dark colored megalodon tooth in his hand. When I saw it, I called 6. It was awesome. A big black root, serrations, bourlette, tip, killer marbling. The calipers revealed the tooth to be 5 15/16" long. He was totally due! Its the best tooth he's found in almost 2 years!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/26/2003

I may not have found anything good, but I sure did rack on quantity. A shame that one of those megs wasn't whole :-(

Back in the saddle again
Back in the saddle again
Back in the saddle again
Back in the saddle again
Raw sewage and a mud hole
Raw sewage and a mud hole





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