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Last day hunting for this vacation

we decided to go back out to the pond that 2th hoover showed me a couple weeks ago because people have been rackin on nice chandler bridge stuff out there. i even heard of some whale shark teeth coming out. i only wanted an angel shark tooth, though, so i prepared to spend the rest of my afternoon splashing the cb. you never know what you're gonna find in that stuff. just as soon as we started splashing, we started finding little teeth. They were EVERYWHERE! It was the richest concentration of teeth i'd seen outside of the pungo formation in NC. 20 seconds of splashing would reveal 30 teeth, and 25 of those would be perfect! i spent the whole time hunched over picking up little teeth. Just 20 or 30 minutes after we arrived i rinsed out one of the prettiest angustidens teeth I've ever seen. 2" long and yellow - orange in color. Gorgeous! And then i found what i came for - a flawless angel shark tooth. I've seen a bunch, and even found a few (all those were broken, though), but this is my first quality find. it rules - be sure to click the thumbs. i gotta get back to this place before it fills up!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/3/2004

I found all these in 2 hours by splashing a 15 foot span of layer. Talk about rich!

3/8" Angel Shark Tooth
3/8" Angel Shark Tooth
7/8" Pathologic Snaggletooth Shark Tooth
7/8" Pathologic Snaggletooth Shark Tooth
2 1/16" Angustidens Shark Tooth
2 1/16" Angustidens Shark Tooth





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