June 26, 2022  
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The Angustidens Harvest Continues

The weather forecast for last night was for rain, but we awoke to find that little more than a mist had actually fallen. Our plans were to go walk the golf course for megs, and since that's the only spot I am confident of finding a meg right now we stuck to the plan. The road was still dry there, and there wasn't a new pond so instead of wasting any time, we headed off to the new Chandler Bridge spot. Then I remembered on the way that I hadn't checked the Spot that Should Not Be in quite some time, so I figured, what the heck. It was on the way, so stopped off. There was a new pond, and that's where we checked first. Unfortunately, it had already been grassed, so before we even picked up the first tooth, digging was already out of the question. From where I parked, I could see the light tan Chandler Bridge all over the bottom of the pond, so I armed myself with my probe and my shovel and headed down the bank. I probed the whole edge but the megalodon bearing layer was very thin and not worth looking at. The chandler bridge, however, is always worth a look, so I started my search there. I looked down into water and a large, triangle protruding from the muck caught my eye. A closer look revealed it to be a tooth. A big tooth. I shot a few photos and then proceeded to implore the deities that govern fossil hunting, "please be whole". I waded into the water's edge and wiggled the tooth - solid. That's a good sign. Since the CB layer is so soft, a little more gentle wiggling freed the tooth. I anxiously washed away the remaining sediment to reveal both cusps and a complete root. A few explatives later, m4 held the tooth in his hand and proceeded to tell me that I suck. I do suck, but at least I'm lucky! I continued around the pond, the whole time probing, looking for skulls. Thirty minutes and two flooded boots later, I had found nothing more and my feet were freezing. I decided to go see how my guests were doing. I emptied my boots and crossed the muddy plains. They had seen little luck, and didn't really want to hang around much longer. They were ready to go back and score some more gold teeth from my new favorite place.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/18/2004


3 5/16" Angustidens Shark Tooth
3 5/16" Angustidens Shark Tooth





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