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Its tough to outdo last week

As we expected, the pond was full past the Chandler Bridge, but not that far. We could still see the peaks of the piles left over from past excavations. 2th h00ver picked one side of the pond, and I picked the other. We both picked up piles of little teeth, but he scored the perfect 1 3/4" angustidens on the top of one of the piles still above the water. It was a killer pinkish white color with every serration intact. A total killer. That was followed up with a sweet white angel shark tooth. He totally picked the right side of the pond to hunt! Once we hunted everywhere we could, we left for our final destination - the spot where I found the whale skull last week.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/7/2004

I separated the teeth by formation today - the top set (with the megalodon tooth chunk) is from the Ten Mile Hill Formation, and the mass of perfect teeth at the bottom is from the Chandler Bridge.

1/2" Angel Shark Tooth
1/2" Angel Shark Tooth





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