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Its tough to outdo last week

The rain had rinsed the piles nicely at the sand pits, and it was my goal to scour them for the killer giant tooth I know is there somewhere. My first stop was to pick up the pieces of the skull that the rain washed out that I might have missed. I ended up with two more vertebrae, a rib piece, and a bunch of tiny pieces that fit somewhere. I lost h00v after that and I walked the whole rest of the pit. Wouldn't you know that that big tooth wasn't there? Oh well, maybe next time.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/7/2004

Not too many teeth, but I'm in love with this place since the whale skull last week. I'm sure there are big, killer shark teeth to be found there, too, though. The sand tiger is awesome!

Heavy rains makes easy pickings
Heavy rains makes easy pickings
The Luck of the Dutch
The Luck of the Dutch
After the rains...
After the rains...





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