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Working hard doesn't spell success

Two weeks in a row, I have gone digging instead of diving and I'm really missing the water. I went to the same spot twice in a row and I found very little for as long as I have worked. Last week we had the hurricane to moisten the ground, but this week, the sun kindly baked the dirt to a rock like texture. And today was the first time the Colonel ever went digging. Good thing I told him beforehand that digging could be pretty fruitless. He is gonna keep trying, as am I. Next weekend, I'm diving for sure.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/21/2004

This is two week's worth of digging at a newly dug pond. There was so much bone that I couldn't quit. I'm sure there is a megalodon tooth there somewhere.

Pickin Up Good Fossil Vibrations
Pickin Up Good Fossil Vibrations
Hidden beauty.
Hidden beauty.
Two days straight at the pond
Two days straight at the pond





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