January 17, 2022  
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The Washout

This weekend I pretty much worked all weekend long. There was not time for fossil hunting :-( :-( :-( So I cleaned out behind my seats again and put together some teeth I found at some ponds that never panned out to be very good. They were all near each other, so I'm guessing the layer is just cruddy in this area. Anyway, bummed though I am that I couldn't hunt this weekend, I am REALLY looking forward to next Sunday, when I will be hunting the PCS Mine at Aurora, NC. We're going into the pit, and da f0ssZ and I are ready to S-C-O-R-E.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/18/2004

The great white at upper left is a total shamer. Its 2 7/8 inches long with a busted off root lobe. The deer antler at the right side of the photo is the best thing I've found on land in the past couple of months. Land hunting has not been kind lately!

Maybe I
Maybe I'll sleep in a little longer next time.
Auriculatus Sweep
Auriculatus Sweep
Close Call!
Close Call!





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