August 12, 2022  
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Welcome to the Jungle

Da f0ssZ and I met up at Lafarge today for the quarterly hunt. Again, we were only allowed to hunt on the overgrown, old, picked over hill. The weeds were easily 6 feet tall, but the weather was nice and cool and there was a breeze so the bugs weren't too bad. There are few teeth to be found in the weeded area, but still we managed. I found my best auriculatus to date, and df scored like usual. I saw a few other nice rics come out, too, as well as a cool archaeocete molar. If they ever let us over on the good part again, we'll score like crazy!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/16/2004


2 5/8" Fossil Carcharocles auriculatus shark tooth
2 5/8" Fossil Carcharocles auriculatus shark tooth





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