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A worthless hunt, the Lowcountry Fossil Club Meeting, and a haul of little Shark Teeth from my yard

I haven't been ignoring this site the past few weeks. I've been hunting, as you may have suspected. I've just not been finding anything. The land spots aren't good, and my attempts at diving have been thwarted twice. Last week I couldn't get tanks and this week I had a cold. I'm about to hook up with a semi dry suit, though, so I should be able to dive for a little longer. Just because I was jonesin for a good hunt, I went digging at this ditch I haven't visited in years. Even as overgrown and remote as it was, would you believe that someone had been there in the past few days?? There are so many people hunting now, that its getting tough to score the sweet finds. I dug for about an hour and came up with one small worn angustidens. Its not really that good, so I didn't photo it.

After the hunt, I rolled into the Lowcountry Fossil Club meeting at 2th h00veR's house. They were having an informal get together and bbq, and I wanted to go. Today was my first time going to the meeting (I'm a slacker!) and I had a great time. The burgers were great, and so were the fossils. h00v has a great fossil room stocked with all kinds of paleo-goodies. Steve Miller brought some killer patho megalodon teeth, points, and whale material. Paul Bailey showed the turtle he's been working on re-assembling as well as a very rare sawfish rostrum from the Chandler Bridge formation. One of the topics of conversation was the strange Oligocene site that a few of us were hitting for a few months at the end of last year. Its apparently a fluke spot, but its spawning some serious study. It was enough to get me moving to make a subject relevant post.

Coincidentally enough, I've been sifting material from the very site we discussed at the Lowcountry Fossil Club meeting. I hoarded some of the stuff, and I've just this week finished one round of the megasifter. Megasifter? Yes, this material prompted me to build a giant sifter for my backyard so I could use mother nature to help me sift. I started the week Tropical Storm Gaston surprised us in SC, and its taken me until now to finish up. I've gone through 2/3 of the first garbage can and I found some nice stuff. All of it is small, but its very cool. I'm on a quest to find a nurse shark tooth, and I'm still empty handed. But 5 that I know of have been recovered from this site, and I have a large quantity of material left. I still have a shot. In the meantime, though, I've found many other rare teeth. In this batch, besides for the load of common shark teeth, I found 4 angel shark teeth (3 complete), 6 whale shark teeth (0 complete), 2 skate teeth, and a partial squalodon molar. I was going to post everything at once, but in light of yesterday, I couldn't resist putting it up now. I've got another batch working as we speak.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/6/2004

Behold! The megasifter
skate teeth

Angel Shark Tooth
Angel Shark Tooth
Angel Shark Tooth
Angel Shark Tooth
Angel Shark Tooth
Angel Shark Tooth
Snaggletooth Shark Tooth
Snaggletooth Shark Tooth





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