February 6, 2023  
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Land Ho!

I finally got a scoop on a new land site today, and I was all about digging. It was a place I went to a while back but struck out two digs in a row. Stories of victories of some friends at this place have been trickling in, and I was ready to find a nice land megalodon tooth. I put in a full 6 hours of back breaking drudgery in the muck with little in the way of success, though. Meanwhile, 5 other megalodon teeth were found by others in the area, including Jedi Master's nice 5 inch meg in the ground shot below. I just didn't dig hard enough, because there have got to be more teeth in there somewhere. I'm gonna find one or get in shape trying!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/4/2004


Sand Tiger Shark Tooth
Sand Tiger Shark Tooth





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