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A cool day.

Last week was awesome - not because of what I found, but because of what happened. This kid that lives in my neighborhood asked me if I would take him toothin, and I said sure. I took him along and we went to one of the new neighborhoods. We dug for a little while but really didn't find much. We ran into this guy out there who works for the company who is building the neighborhood, and I hung with him almost all day. He was totally cool, and he was spending his day off out there digging for fossils. He says he finds some really killer stuff because he is right there when they are digging. I couldn't imagine being able to do any work when I could find killer teeth all the time. Anyway, the three of us got sick of not finding anything, so we went over to this place we saw the guys digging with the back hoe earlier that day, and they weren't digging anymore, so we jumped in the hole. The dudes chased us off after like 10 minutes, but no big deal, because there was another ditch really close by. We found John in it, and we started digging with him. He knew the guys who were digging with the back hoe, and he went and talked to them, and they ended up letting us all dig in their new hole. Anyway, John had told they guy at some point that he would give him a big tooth when he found one, and would you believe it?? The lucky son of a gun found a killer meg AGAIN!! But he gave it to the guy just like he said. He is truly a man of his word to give away the best thing he found. Then, all the construction guys jumped in the hole and started digging, too. Like 15 people in the hole madly digging for another big one. We exhausted the hole, and the guy jumped in the back hoe and started digging out more layer for us!! I have never had that happen before! It ruled! Noone found anything in the new spots, but it was the principle of the matter. I know, long story, but wasn't that cool? Oh, by the way, the kid I took digging found two killer Makos and is totally hooked now. He wants to go with me again next week.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/21/2001


Success at the sizzler
Success at the sizzler





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