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Back to basics fossil hunting

Early in the week Indiana called me and told me about some new ponds he found and that he wanted me to be able to dig it first with him Saturday. Plus he had permission to go in, so it was destined to be an awesome day regardless of the weather. Well, Saturday came and it was awesome outside, partly cloudy 75 degrees. South Carolina winters - gotta love 'em. Almost time to dive again! Anyway, we got out early and immediately found a new pond. Everything was really soft, and I sawed right through the biggest mako shark tooth of the day with my shovel before I even knew it was there. It would have been a white three incher :-( a heinous loss. I eventually found a nice mako tooth there. We ran out of layer at that pond so we started walking and we found another pond. I went around the right side of it while Indiana took the left. I found a tiny spot of layer in the one place and I flipped out my best shark tooth of the day - a nice 1 3/4 inch angustidens. We quickly abandoned that pond and continued on our trek towards fossil nirvana, if it truly existed at this spot. We found another big hole in the ground - not really a pond. It had layer all the way around it. We dug in and hit heavy pea-sized gravel everywhere. That stuff is awful to dig in, and there is rarely anything complete in there. Occasionally we hit some bigger stuff, but mostly it was just rocks with a few teeth thrown in sparsely. After a water run we found yet another new pond while exploring. We walked the entire pond, and it was the first with an intact Chandler Bridge. That's where we find the nice angustidens. There were some killer little teeth in the Chandler Bridge around the edge of this pond. Awesome color and preservation. I found a little posterior tooth that is unbelievable! To finish our day we went back to the biggest of our earlier hunting locales, where we labored in vain to find anything worth the tremendous effort the heavy clay / pea gravel mixture required. After I got home and cleaned everything up, I counted the day a victory with four killers to tuck away amongst the other trophys of my past marks in the fossil win column!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/8/2005


3/4 inch Angustidens shark tooth
3/4 inch Angustidens shark tooth
3/4 inch Tiger Shark Tooth
3/4 inch Tiger Shark Tooth
1 3/4" Angustidens shark tooth
1 3/4" Angustidens shark tooth
2 1/16 inch Mako shark tooth
2 1/16 inch Mako shark tooth





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