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Massive Angustidens

Fossilin was pretty good today. I left at like 6:30 in the morning to go out to the new spot, and the guys were working! I couldn't believe it. I thought I had arrived early anough to beat everyone, but NO! So we went back over to the other spot and dug for a while. I found a sweet 3 1/4" Angy. When I pulled it out I thought one of the cusps was missing and I was like what a shamer. When I cleaned it up, though, I looked at it a little closer and from the front it looks like the cusp is gone because the enamel is missing from that area. But looking at the back proved otherwise. The enamel is still there, and you can see both sides of the cusp, from where it attaches to the root to where it attaches to the blade, and from the angle, I can tell that there really was no cusp to speak of on that side to begin with. Had the cusp been lost, this feaure wouldn't been there. Just a smidgeon of enamel missing. That I can live with. I am so picky! I scrutinize these teeth so hard before I actually put them into the collection. Just looking at the thing, though, it is a gem! Marbled yellow, blue, green, and grey, fully serrated, 100% complete bourlette, and a killer root. I still haven't put it into the case because its so cherry. One of the best teeth I have found in a while. So I had a really good day.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/28/2001

A closeup of the nice angustidens.

Success at the sizzler
Success at the sizzler





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