January 18, 2022  
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Cleaning up and moving out

Life has been busy lately. We're moving in less than two weeks, so everything has been a blur. I've fallen way behind on my posts, so today I buckled down to take the pictures of some stuff I found a few weeks ago when I went hunting to this pit with Indiana. He didn't know what age the material was before I got there, so my task was to figure out what formation was there and settle the argument as to which of the carcharocles species they were finding out there - auriculatus or angustidens. I was really apprehensive to make a call quick because a lot of times its tough to tell definitively without some familiar fossils. After about an hour I was fairly sure that the spot was oligocene. When I got to the back of the pit and saw the mounds of chandler bridge, I was sure. There really weren't a lot of teeth for the amount of area we covered, but then again, this pit gets plundered. I really didn't think I had that good of a day until I cleaned off all the dirt and learned that I found a cool little pathologic tooth. It only takes one nice tooth to make the hunt worth it to me!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/9/2005


Pathologic Tiger Shark Tooth
Pathologic Tiger Shark Tooth





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