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The dry streak ends

Its been quite a while since I've had a fosslin' trip worth posting, but today it seems the dry streak has ended. I had the day off and started off the day not knowing where I would hunt - only that I wanted to find some teeth. I drove all around and just happened upon a guy digging a pond in a new development, and he was kind enough to let me dig where he wasn't working. I dug in the hot sun for 4 hours, but it was worth it! Along with the decent angys, I found a gorgeous Thresher, and you can see in the second photo. Its totally white with razor sharp edges, a needle tip and flawless root. Its 1 1/4" long and the best thresher I have found to date.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/21/2001


1 1/4" Giant Thresher Tooth
1 1/4" Giant Thresher Tooth





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