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Some fossils to feed the need

After more abuse from the man, I finally had a break to hunt some teeth. Of course, no hunt would be complete without his Weezilness. It was the Lafarge hunt today, so I decided to give that a shot first. There had been some heavy rain the night before, so I thought my ric drought would end. To quote Mini-f0ssZ, “SIKE”. I did hunt the piles pretty hard, but there was not much pickins’. I ended up with a nice mako. After that, I headed down to DWs new crib. His fossil wares were proudly displayed in all their glory. We headed out to dig in an older ditch first. We only lasted about 2.5 hours in the steambath conditions also known as July in South Carolina. We dug furiously, but the finds were limited. I scored a pretty decent 1.5” angy. The tip is killer, and both cusps are intact. My best find of the day. We headed off to a creek, searching the bottom and digging in the sides. The layer is iron laden and the fossils are reddish-orange. DW scored here with a nice deer tooth from the Pleistocene. I got a few hemis, bulls, and one rear meg. My first meg in a while. Nice to know they are still out there. All in all, a pretty good day.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added7/16/2005

Today's haul. Quater at upper right for reference.

Eocene Fossil Mako
Eocene Fossil Mako
1 1/2" Angustiden
1 1/2" Angustiden





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