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The Sweet Tintinabulation of the Victory Bell

The fossil hunting plans for today were set for two weeks, though we didn't know if we were diving or digging. I got ahold of tha duDe and he was in for some time away from work, too. The river was undivable, but we had a land spot to hunt so teeth would be found. It was so hot and humid out that none of us thought we would would last longer than 3 or 4 hours. We hit the first ditch and mere moments after we arrived, I spied a complete megalodon tooth lying on the bottom of the ditch in full view. It had been there so long, that it was covered with algae. Its hard to believe that a megalodon tooth could survive in plain sight long enough to grow algae without being found by one of the hordes of our fellow fossil hunters. There were a few other teeth on the bottom of that ditch, but digging it was nearly impossible. We walked to another ditch just a few hundred meters away, and I found a nice place to dig and set about my work. tha duDe and da f0ssZ went on walking. A few minutes later, I looked up to see df giving tha duDe a mega high-5. I knew something awesome came out, and I missed it. A few minutes later, after only about an hour and a half to two hours, I was done. I could dig no longer. The 110 degree heat index sapped my will to find teeth. And, since I had already found my killer, it was easy to give up. I walked down to see tha duDe and he made me turn around while he pulled out the find - an awesome spear point over 3 and a half inches long. It put my find to shame, but he was totally deserving of a good find. The heat drained him, too, and we both walked back to his truck to wait in the shade on da f0ssZ to finish his hunt. He returned with a nice angustidens and we were all thrilled with the results of the day. Taco Bell beckoned, and we celebrated our finds over some of the finest grub around.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/19/2005


Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth
Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth





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