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I can't believe my luck at this place.

This evening after work, I just couldn't stay away from the mud pit. After finding such a rarity the other day, I figured I would try my chances in the same place. I found another big tooth there, albeit this one isn't a sixer - it measures in at 3 3/4", but it is in nearly flawless condition. This one is a lower and the root is awesome, the bourlette is 85% intact, and the only damage is some feeding damage to the tip. I am pleased. What they say is true - where you find one, you often find others. This could be because of several reasons: (1), water currents bunch together similarly shaped objects - i.e. flat rocks and teeth are often found together, and (2) It is believed that Megalodon fed together like the feeding frenzies of other shark species we witness today. (They lose their teeth when they feed) Can you imagine a group of megalodons feeding? What an awesome sight that must have been! Whatever the case, I just happened to stumble upon a great place. I have never pulled three complete megs from a single digging site before. The best I have ever done before now is one complete tooth and multiple fragments. Unfortunately, the rock layer was really starting to thin out the more I digged toward the end of my visit. Next time, I may have to find a new place to work my mojo.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/11/2000


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