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March of the Punies

Tropical Storm Tammy paid South Carolina a visit this week, and we got more rain that at any time in the past two months at least. I hadn't taken tha weEzlinG out tooth hunting for a while, so we went after I picked him up from school. Indiana told me about a new spot a few days ago, and I wanted to check it out, especially after a good rain. We drove right up to the spot and we found puny little teeth as soon as we opened up the door. The hunt continued for about 2 hours, and we picked up a ton of little teeth. Only a few decent sized teeth, but that's because we were last at this spot. Its still fun to get out and hunt, catch frogs and lizards, and otherwise just hang out in the great outdoors. Its forecast to rain for the next few days, so collecting is going to rule in the near future. I feel almost LAME with excitement.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/6/2005


Fossil Thresher Shark Tooth
Fossil Thresher Shark Tooth





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