January 27, 2022  
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A Fossil Hunt 10 Years in the Making

The rainy onslaught against South Carolina has continued. Today, my hunt was to a spot I have been fantasizing about for at least 10 years, probably longer. I noticed these big piles next to a ditch years ago, and I often wished that I had been more into collecting fossils and less into chicks when I was younger so I could have collected the ditch when they dug it. Oh well. Those piles contained remnants of glories past, and I wanted a shot. Well, they finally dozed the piles, and I was on them like... like... me on freshly dozed dirt piles. I must say that my expectations were a bit high. Even though I did find a good number of teeth, I didn't find anything complete. Tomorrow is another day, and its supposed to keep on raining!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/7/2005


fossiling 4th of July by svillej
fossiling 4th of July by svillej
Sorry, here are the pics from new area Angy post.
Sorry, here are the pics from new area Angy post.





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