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With winter soon approaching I decided to make a weekend dive trip to SC. The plan was to dive the Cooper & Edisto. But with all the rain the week before the plan changed. DW informed me about a chance to hunt some eocene fossils at Lafarge with him and da fOssZ, how could I pass that up. So I met up with da fOssZ Saturday morning at Lafarge. With this being my first time at Lafarge, da fOssZ gave me a quick run down of the layout and formations to look for. I was hoping for some beginners luck to show me the way to a killer ric. We hunted for a couple of hours when da fOssZ found his first ric. Shortly after that I found my whale tooth and a few small Macko’s. We met up with DW who also had a few nice rics and hunted a little while longer before deciding to head to the ditch. I ended up getting a nice little angustiden at the ditch and a few other small teeth before calling it a day. I did manage to get a couple of tanks in at the Cooper before heading back to Florida. I’m sure I’ll get to a chance to return the fosspitality someday soon.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/15/2005

juvenile archaeocete whale tooth
Ditch fossils
1 1/4" angustiden
Cooper river finds

Triumph at Lafarge
Triumph at Lafarge
Quantity is good, too
Quantity is good, too
Passing the torch
Passing the torch





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