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With all the rain we had the last few weeks, I knew that there was a chance for something at Lafarge. We hunted on the old, overgrown hills, but the rainfall from the tropical storm was easily enough to uproot some weeds and cause some nice erosion. It was nice to finally meet rivrdigr, who had great timing on this trip. da f0ssZ also came down, and as normal, easily outracked me. Its all good - I've resigned myself to taking a backseat to the quarry king. He scored a superhero, and I was lucky enough to be granted an audience with the tooth before it was tucked away in df's glorious Auriculatus case. I can't complain about the day, though, because I actually got 3 rics, which is about the best I've ever done at lafarge. After we left, we went to the Big ditch to do some hunting. I never actually met up with rivrdigr and da f0ssZ, but I swear I was there, and I have the teeth to prove it!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/15/2005

There is probably a nice sand dollar under all that limestone on the right, but I don't have enough time to clean it now. Stow this one away for retirement!
My three auriculatus teeth. None are killers, but then again, they aren't too shabby, either.
A ground shot of the first auriculatus I found today.
This is the second and largest auriculatus I found today. NICE!
This is the stuff I found from the ditch. I found some nice small ones, as always. The Chandler Bridge is great for that.

Eocene Hemipristis tooth
Eocene Hemipristis tooth





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