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Post Procrastination, part 2

To continue with my procrastination posts of December 2005, here is one from about 4 weeks ago. I went back to an old ditch that I've been hunting over the years, and I dug for about 4 hours to find these teeth. It was actually a pretty decent dig, though this ditch is especially difficult to dig because the fossils are suspended in a heavy clay that really sticks to my shovel. Every few minutes, I had to scrape the mud off the shovel with the bottom of my boot so I could actually dig. Then the mud would stick to my boot and it would be hard to walk. Its really tough to be yourself in a ditch because there's always a huge clump of mud sticking to something. Anyway, I did a little better at this spot than the last time I went hunting, especially on the spoil piles on the edge of the ditch. As I dug in the past at this spot, I piled all the layer on the edge as I went through it. Now, as months of rainfall have washed the piles, I found a few nice teeth just laying there, including a killer little reef shark tooth. Its been a while since I found one of those! Plus, I found a nice thresher and a sweet squalodon tooth. And to top it all off, it was the most exercise I had in a month!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/22/2005


Fossil Double rooted Squalodon Tooth
Fossil Double rooted Squalodon Tooth
Fossil Thresher Shark Tooth
Fossil Thresher Shark Tooth
Fossil Reef Shark Tooth
Fossil Reef Shark Tooth





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