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A Double Shot

It has been about six weeks since my last fossilin’ trip, so a two day adventure was in order. Although November-December is a quiet fossilin’ time, the Christmas break provides a collecting opportunity. I called up DW to meet up for day two collecting, and since Mini-Fossz joined me, DW confirmed his collecting child, the WeeZling, would join us. On day one, MfZ and I tried our luck at Indian artifact collecting on the shores of Lake Marion in Santee in the morning. We hit the first spot and found a few pottery shards, and some flakes, but not much else, so we decided to hit the second spot. At the second spot, we snapped a photo of the lake, walked about ten feet and I spotted a spear point. MfZ plucked it for me (beginning to save my back), and held his first point. It was snapped off, but still a neat find for the lad. Later that day, we hit the big ditch to sift some. It was time for MfZ to come face to face with an angy ready to be plucked from the creek bed. I was pointing out rock vs. teeth and raking the bottom, then the boy said he saw a shark tooth! He pulled out a decent 1-1/2” angy and was quite taken by it. Sweeet. For the second day, DW, myself, MfZ and WeeZling went to a ditch for some sifting. With relatively short attention spans, the future BRFC players collected for about 10 minutes, then proceeded to begin their rampage through the forest. DW and I sifted hard, managed a few nice smaller teeth, but nothing case-worthy. I nabbed a nice smaller hemi, but that was about it. Of course we made a Bell stop to teach the lads proper fossilin’ meals.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added12/28/2005

The two day haul.

1-1/2" Angustiden
1-1/2" Angustiden
2-1/2"  Spear
2-1/2" Spear





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