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Auriculatus Bonanza

5:00 am this morning I wake up, fully aware that my alarm is set for one hour so I could go up to Lafarge. My semiconscious, lazy self convinces me to turn off the alarm, sleep in, and investigate spots closer to home. I listened, and I fell back to sleep. 6:36 am my wife is whispering "You're going to be late for toothing". She finally wakes me up and I threw on some clothes and headed out the door. I arrived a little late to the dig, but only like 10 or 15 minutes. Armed with my ipod and lucky shovel, I proceeded into the mine. Down the weed covered slopes, over the quicksand ditch, and up the semi new deposits toward the hill of green cap that shined like a beacon to me, a fossil hunter without a hunt in nearly 3 weeks. I ran into da f0ssZ, rivrdigr, t00thh00vr, indiana, and others I've met over the years of hunting. I picked up teeth here and there, at the rate of about one every few minutes. Most were broken. 3 hours into the day, I still hadn't found a single trip worthy tooth. I was starting to get depressed. I finally made it to the hill of green cap, which was already criss-crossed with foot prints. I found nothing there. Now, I was REALLY starting to feel like I should have slept in. I kept the faith and my eyes never left the ground. I finally left the new deposits and went back toward the stuff that has been laying out since 2004. I ran into a guy for the second time, both of us reporting little found so far. As I was talking to him, I ran across an auriculatus - FINALLY! It wasn't a big one, but I could tell when I saw it that it had both cusps and a good root. I snapped a photo and picked it up, somehow knowing that the tip wasn't there. Sometimes I hate being right. I meandered through weeds so tall that they knocked my ear phones out. I made it to an area midway down a hill that from a distance looked untouched, but on closer inspection, was covered with evidence of earlier scavengers like myself. Not expecting much, I took my time and was rewarded with my second auriculatus of the day. It was bigger and nicer than the first, but the tip was still dinged. I began to feel a little better. 2 decent rics in a day is pretty good. I continued down the hill, and in between some tall weeds, I found a wash out that had not been searched. I was hopeful, but denied. I proceeded down the hill further to a much bigger washout, that of course, was covered with footprints. Midway up this ditch sized washout I saw a tooth sticking by its tip into the bottom. I could see a killer root and bourlette. A little closer, and I saw two pristine cusps. Was this it??? Was this my killer auriculatus? I gingerly pulled it out. DANG!! No tip. It still made a great photo, and it was my nicest of the day yet. Ok, 3 rics in a day? I feel like I osmosized da f0ssZ's skills when I gave him a shout out earlier today. I walked down to the bottom of the quarry to cross the quicksand ditch and start back to my truck, and I noticed that I was crossing the most gigantic washout I had seen all day. Not expecting much, I leasurly looked around. Soon, I spotted a U shaped rock amongst the stems of dead cattails and debris washed to the nadir of the pit. I knew it was a tooth, but how much of a tooth? Only the root was exposed. I snapped a picture and bent down, uttering the toother's mantra - please be whole. I wiggled the root and from the resistance I could tell there was at least some enamel left. I lightly tugged on the ancient shark tooth and I pulled it from the sand like a dagger from a sheath. I scraped away sand and marvelled at the tooth I came to find. The wet blade glistened in the sunlight. Sharp cusps adorned a savage, serrated blade culminating in a single, intact, needle sharp tip serration. I couldn't believe my eyes. My muddy boots were light as air. I tried to conceal my glee as I approached da f0ssZ who waited for me near the exit from the pit. I laid tooth after tooth on his open palm. Others looked on, surely ready to flog me with their shovels. I showed them all where I had my luck, and for a few final minutes, we excitedly looked over the area a final time before we had to leave, not to return again for far too long.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/21/2006

A huge haul from lafarge. A monsoon blew through here and dropped a massive amount of rain just a few days ago.
My first auriculatus of the day. There was an Isurus praecursor about in inch from it.
My second auriculatus of the day. This one was completely surrounded by foot prints.
My third auriculatus. I was shocked at my fortune by the time I found this one.

Auriculatus Shark Tooth
Auriculatus Shark Tooth
Isurus Praecursor Shark Tooth
Isurus Praecursor Shark Tooth





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