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Another fossil spot bites the dust

The last day we had heavy rain, I actually went to two places. The first spot, well, that was my last post. The second spot was an old favorite. It was a ditch near where I used to work, and even though I never really found anything killer there, it was always a fun hunt. The layer there was loaded with shark teeth, even though they are normally thrashed. To my absolute horror, I saw that nearly all of the ditch was completely covered over with dirt and filled in with pipes. After getting out of the truck to inspect the damage to future fossiling, I took a brief moment to reflect on fossiling opportunities past and to play in the big culverts. Still, huntable layer was exposed and it was my duty to excavate all that I could. I swung the devastator until my shoulders were so sore I couldn't lift my arms. In between blasts from the heavy ditch artillery, my rapid strike shovel would peel out the layer with precision. I found so many teeth it was insane! There were so many disappointments, so many could have beens. A 3 1/2 inch chandler bridge angustidens with a devastated root, a 5 inch megalodon with a corner lopped off, and TWO, count them TWO Makos over 3 inches. True to form, both were thrashed, but two three inch makos at a single ditch in a single session is unheard of. I went back to this spot 2 days later and it was filled in - RIP Office Ditch!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/21/2006


More rain and more toothin
More rain and more toothin
Pleistocene Bonanza
Pleistocene Bonanza
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