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I went up to the quarry this weekend to do a little Eocene collecting. I woke up early and arrived early to be sure to explore the good deposits before the other hardcores hunted them all out. I was in but I wasn't first by a long shot. There were footprints all over the material. Up and down every ravine and all over every hill I looked at. Within 10 minutes I decided this was futile and headed for old stuff. Better there than nowhere. I know people always say footprints don't matter, but I disagree. I didn't find as much on the older stuff, but at least no one had been there in a while. I found a ton of makos and little stuff over there, plus the baddest little scute I've ever seen. It looks like it came from a dragon or something else really mean. Then I started the limestone march. You can find cool stuff there... sometimes. Usually you just walk and look at white nothingness. Theres a bunch of tiny little shells in there, but almost all are only fragments. The stuff is really boring. I found 2 teeth in 2 hours over there. Awful returns when you think about quantity. One of the teeth I found was a really big auriculatus that had been busted all up during feeding on one cusp and the tip. But the tooth is so cool looking! The other is a nice Carcharias koerti. I left it in the matrix because I could see tiny cracks in the root lobes of the tooth. If I removed the tooth, it would have undoubtedly broken. So its a nice display piece. Anyway, the day ended and I left satisfied. I had another reason to be happy, too. I have become infected with an insatiable urge to hunt teeth lately. This afternoon I'm going over to the new pond with tha weEzlinG. I've been hunting there a lot lately and K-I-L-L-I-N-G. I haven't had time to post everything because I've been hunting so much. Don't worry. You'll see them all eventually. Chances are good that I'll score something else tonite. Yes, today is going to be a great fossil hunting feast!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/15/2006

Not a lot of teeth when you compare it to places like Aurora, but still some really pretty ones.
A nice photo of a tooth that turned out to be busted up on the tip.

Unknown Fish or Ray Dermal Scute
Unknown Fish or Ray Dermal Scute
Fossil Sand Shark Tooth
Fossil Sand Shark Tooth
Auriculatus Shark Tooth
Auriculatus Shark Tooth





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