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Gnats, Sun and Teeth

I was sitting in the office at lunch last Wednesday wondering what do this weekend. Last weekend was camping, and the weekend before that Easter egg hunts and yard work. Hey, I know, fossil hunting. I called up DW to see what was up. A new spot to hunt, and diggin for Megs no less. DW informed me that the wife was on a relaxing vacation, so what great chance to bring MiniFossZ for his first diggin trip with the WeeZels. And you know….when the cat is out of town, the mice will get down. We headed down late Saturday afternoon and proceeded to go straight for the Bell. This may seem presumptuous to devour some Bell prior to diggin, but this was to ensure maximum energy. We arrived at the spot to find layer pouring out of ledge and gnats swarming. We both dug furiously as there was only about 2 hours to dig, and some dark clouds were gathering. DW hit pay dirt first with a small angy. I moved down and found some nice layer, and it was not long until I saw a large blade. MfZ came over to assist me in removing the tooth. It was 6-1/4” but broke up bad on the root. The blade was righteous though, and watching MfZ unearth the tooth was great. About a minute later, I located a root, but this Meg had major feeding damage. After enjoying…er…milk and cookies in the evening, we awoke the next morning and packed up to collect again. DW and the WeeZling struck first with a nicely colored complete Meg. And you know, acorns do not fall far away from the tree. MfZ and myself dug out a nice little angy and some smaller teeth while we drooled over the meg. The April sun was quite radiant, and by 11 AM we were sapped. After lunch, MfZ and myself hit a local creek, and lo and behold I bagged a sweet cream colored extant great white. While the trip was great to begin with, this case-worthy tooth was icing on the cake.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added4/24/2006

The haul from the new site.
The haul from sifting the creek.

1-3/8 Inch Great White
1-3/8 Inch Great White





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