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The Omega-Rack

I went out to the new pond expecting little. t$ told me that digging would resume Friday, but that he was going that evening and would be sure to excavate everything. So I didn't think anything would be left for me to find, at least easily. I looked down into the Cletus pond and saw nothing that looked new. My information was faulty! No new digging. So I walked across the field on the off chance that digging had occured there. To my glee, I ran into a trench that had been dug around the entire circumference of the pond right down to the layer. Unfortunately, the mud was so thick that I couldn't hit the layer without removing a foot of slop. If you've ever been digging, its tough to remove slop. So I continued around the edge of the pond to a spot that was slightly above the slop layer. The gravel was thin, but definitely worthy. Bone was everywhere. I flipped out a 3 inch + angustidens that was complete but worn, and I got excited! For the next two hours, I dug like the pond would be finished tomorrow, but turned up nothing. With 5 teeth in my pocket and half of my water left, I had completed digging out the area. I was amazed that I didn't find more. Then again, the gravel was thin. I decided to leave, but on the way out, I took a quick look at the piles that were piled up along the trench. They were all covered with gravel, but you couldn't tell unless you stuck a shovel in. They were all covered with mud and looked worthless at first glance. I was on a new digging tear! The layer on the piles was loaded with gravel. After 10 minutes, I had doubled my tooth haul for the day. Then I flipped out my first little megalodon tooth. Then seconds layer, the 5 1/2 incher. It was ON! 3 hours later, I had filled my pockets to the point that I had to empty them to have room for more teeth. I kept going until I couldn't see anymore. I walked off the field in VICTORY! I can't wait until it rains - those piles are going to be a goldmine!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/13/2006

It looks great to see the results of a day's work all laid out like this!
The first one I found today - a complete but worn 3 7/16 inch angustidens.

Megalodon Shark Tooth
Megalodon Shark Tooth





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