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The Angustidens Hole

About 6 weeks ago, My kids and I went out to the new pond after I got home from work. Da f0ssZ and I had just hunted the whole weekend without finding any superheroes. But still, tha boy and i went out to try our hand. First order of business, devastate the 8 foot vertical wall above where DF extracted the shamer megalodons during our weekend hunt. I started it out, but unexpectedly, he took the mighty tool and started wailing when my strength started to wane. I had a proud moment as he brought down several large chunks of earth. We cleared the pile away from the base as a team. When the layer was exposed, he dug the left side and I dug the right. I exhausted the layer and moved on. He decided to clear away more layer and kept digging. Soon after, he pulled out a 3 inch + angustidens with a fabulous blade. The bourlette is so sweet! You can see it in the upper right side of the photo below. Then a few minutes later, I struck paydirt with a smaller, near perfect killer. Awesome rust color, too. The rest of the day we continued down the edge. Tha boy pulled another awesome angustidens from the layer about a half hour later. I didn't have anymore luck the rest of the day, but one nice one makes the hunt for me.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/15/2006


Angustidens Shark Tooth
Angustidens Shark Tooth





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