September 30, 2022  
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Meh (I said m...e…h…)

Today being Saturday, I of course went toothin. I checked out a new lead, and revisited an old haunt all for naught. Not wanting to end the day empty handed, my friend T Money and I went to the pond we found a couple weeks ago and did so well at. My finds for the day were modest - a 2 1/2" mako (lower left), and a decent ray plate were the best I found. T Money on the other hand, tore it up. He found 6 whole megs in his spot. Yes. I said 6. 5 were between 2 and 3 inches, but one was about 5 inches and totally sweet. Plus, he found a killer 2 3/4" angy. And to top it all off, he won a door prize (belemnoids in matrix) earlier in the day at the fossil show. I'm glad for him - but its my turn next to find the meg! until next week
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/25/2001


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