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Call Him Butter

Sweltering heat, no breeze, bugs….I’d say perfect weather to score some quarry fossils. The nice folks at LaFarge had a hunt today, and I met up with RivDigr to try our luck there. After searching some older spots, I met up with RD. If you recall some previous posts, this cat has brought me nothing but good luck. He hit pay-dirt first with his first whole ric. But Digr-luck was with me. About 5 minutes later I found a killer posterior and then an exposed ric. Digr took the snapshot (since as usual I forgot my camera). We kind-of split up to hunt other areas, and after a brief shower hit us, I was able to nab some other teeth lying on the green-cap. Also, I collected a nice variety of fossils including a whale vert with processes, fish spines, and ray barbs. It was time to go and on my way out, and just about then I spotted a small ric; a real gem. Not done….eyeing the hill base I spotted ½” serrated tip sticking out of the ground. I subsequently performed the universal “is-it-possibly-whole-when-I-wiggle-the-tip test” and no movement. I removed some layer around the tooth, and nuttin’ but shiny enamel. I dug some more, and this beauty flopped over. Oh man. I dropped it in my bag and skipped to the truck. RD had found a killer as well. He shamed with his patho-blade ric. Nice job. We celebrated only for a short time because the river beckoned….. …….We ate some lunch and arrived at the Edisto to collect. RD and myself were on a mission to continue the racking of fossils. We hit the river hard and I hunted for about two hours. I bagged one decent angy (killer color, but tip damage) and a few nice smaller hemis. My shamer of the day was an entire ray plate I dug that disintegrated into thousands of pieces and floated down river. My best find was an odd one…a croc tooth from the Oligocene. This was a nice addition to the collection. I headed home and left RD to collect some more and wouldn’t you know it he bagged a point. Call him butter, ‘cause he was on a roll today. As I put the phone down, I could not help but think this a great hobby.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added7/15/2006

A lot of walking today but great results.
Two hours work in the Edisto.

Fossil Croc tooth
Fossil Croc tooth
Pair of C.Auriculatus
Pair of C.Auriculatus
2 Inch C. Auriculatus
2 Inch C. Auriculatus
2-1/2 Inch C. Auriculatus
2-1/2 Inch C. Auriculatus





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