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A mighty artifact has been lost

Remember last week when I said that I got the phone number of the guy who could get me permission to hunt out at the new place? Well I called him and he said it was all good for me to go. I met up with him at the pond at quitting time and he pointed out where they had dug that day. I offered a paleo-gratuity for his kindness (the teeth missing from the last big pond post where i found the nice grey-blue megalodon), and then the kids and I were on our way. It was another area laden with rocks and bone. We dug without rest until sundown and were well rewarded. All of us came away with something decent, though the weezling did manage to lose his boots while he was swimming in the muddy pit that is the pond. Both actually ended up in there before the day was over because it was HOT and we weren't finding much. Water, even filthy standing pond water, is attractive after digging in the hot sun and bugs. I was kindof upset about the boots because I saw him take them off before he got in. Then he got out, put them on again and went back into the pond where he then lost them. In my anger, I inadvertently left the devastator behind. I have learned a lesson today. A valuable piece of ditchweezil heritage was lost due to my lack of judgement. Yes, the devastator, whose first quarry was the mighty beast itself (the beast is my brother's 6 1/2 inch super hero megalodon from the long since completed forbidden pond). Since then, the devastator has discovered many giant teeth, been diving with me, helped excavate a saber cat skull (more on this soon!), traveled to aurora, and so many other feats of excellence. Whoever now wields the devastator should use the power wisely... Since its gone now, i can divulge its magical qualities. Devastator vital statistics, +2 to Luck, Level 7 lawful good fossil hunter required to wield.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/20/2006

Not a bad haul for 3 hours!

Fossil Mako Shark Tooth
Fossil Mako Shark Tooth





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