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Call Him Butter

It was time for my quarterly quarry trip to Lafarge. The coveted auriculatus has eluded me on my prior trips, but I knew it was a matter of time before one would cross my path. My son and I arrived on time for once and headed to some washouts at the bottom of the quarry. We hunted the area for a little while before heading up the quarry to some green cap. On our way up we ran into Da f0ssz,it seemed like every time I ran into DW or DF at Lafarge they would find something killer within minutes. This time it was my turn , I was scanning a washout when I seen the root sticking out. It was proped up next to a weed, it almost looked like part of the plant. The root was kinda beat but the rest was good. A short time later I was walikng down a wash that another guy just walked down. This time it was the tip sticking out, after taking a ground shot I proceeded to dig it out. To my disbelief it was intact, my first killer Lafarge ric and to top it off it was a patho tooth. It was starting to rain which felt good because it was pretty darn hot. A cool dip in the Edisto was in order. I felt right at home in the Edisto, it looks very similar to the Peace. For the little time that we had we got some nice teeth and a killer point.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/15/2006

ground shot of ric #1
ground shot of patho ric

Edisto point
Edisto point
2 -1/2" pathological auriculatus
2 -1/2" pathological auriculatus





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