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Song of the Serrated Siren

There has been a recent onslaught of storms in the Lowcountry and the fossil bearing creeks beckoned me like the song of the serrated siren…..no carcharocles man can resist. I carried MiniFossZ and MicroFossz for some training as well. We were to meet up with DW and WeezLing after lunch so me and my group hit Orange creek and home creek first. I FossZ-sifted and bagged a decent angy, two horse teeth and some smaller teeth from these creeks. The yung-uns bagged a few teeth, then decided playing in the water was more fun (I did dress them in bathing suits just for this occasion). After a picnic and autograph signing, we met up with DW and WzLNg at the big ditch. DW scored a decent angy first, then I bagged a beauty Chandler hemi. We both hit a dry spell and decided to head to our trucks. On my last pass in the creek I saw a tip of a spearpoint and bagged a nice little artifact. Sweeet. We called it day and my boys crashed while I jammed to Surius 23 on the way home.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added8/13/2006

The haul from the creeks

2 Inch Spear
2 Inch Spear





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