August 12, 2022  
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Disappointing start at the quarry

I went out to the quarry with thoughts of rics being spread out everywhere because of the recent rains, but I was wrong. I get to the old area and they had a machine putting fill down covering up a lot of the areas where most of the green cap piles use to be exposed. Most of the hunting area was cut short and only a small area was left to hunt. I heard a worker talking about a new side in the quarry and that people were finding a lot of nice teeth there. Not wanting to waste anymore time in the old area. I asked where the new side was and on my way I went to check it out. This area wasn’t that big, but it definitely had more teeth. Most of the layer appeared to be a mix of santee limestone and green cap condensed together. Just about every block I’d walk across was filled with little teeth. I was hoping to find one of those small cows today, but still no luck. Before it was about time to go I decided to take 4 buckets of green cap home to shift through. On the first day of shifting through the material I found what looks to be a horn shark or a different species of nurse shark. I’m guessing it’s a horn shark though because of the flat bottom on the root and the pictures I’ve seen over the web. I’m just not sure on what the exact species is because I wasn’t able to find any on the web that were found in South Carolina.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/25/2006

Not a bad haul for the day and I was late to hunt the new side. Most of it was walked over by the time I got there, but a lot of teeth were missed and I picked up a few right on top of footprints.

Unidentified Eocene Shark Tooth
Unidentified Eocene Shark Tooth
Saw Shark Tooth
Saw Shark Tooth
Eocene Nurse Shark Tooth
Eocene Nurse Shark Tooth





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