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Colorful megalodon teeth

Land sites are great because its about the only way to get the really great colored shark teeth unless you have a deep pocket. I have been hunting fossils in South Carolina since I was a kid and I've always loved the colors on the teeth here. That's why anytime there is a decent place to hunt, I am there. During the summer, we were actively hunting this one pond on an almost daily basis. It was producing some wild looking megalodon teeth and some museum quality angustidens. This post was from one of those days where I just didn't have time to put what I found on the site, and I chose collecting fossil over writing about collecting fossils. It was very hot that day, and we were moving overburden for a place to hunt. The vertical edges of the pond were completely dug out and we didn't have a decent place to dig. I was walking around the bottom and edges picking up scraps, and the kids soon followed suit. A quick rain shower while we were out there was a welcome cool down and shot at something nice from walking. Nothing I found was any good, but tha boy racked! He got two nice megalodon teeth.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/28/2006

An awesome colored megalodon!
its amazing the variation in color that these two megalodon teeth have and they were found 20 yards apart.

Huge Angustidens
Huge Angustidens
An arrowhead but not much else.
An arrowhead but not much else.
The dry streak continues
The dry streak continues





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