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One more for old time sake

This summer, the kids and I were lucky enough to get the opportunity to hunt at a land site with a decent fossil bearing layer. We hunted there a lot, and I stocked up the posts while the hunting was good and this is the last post from that spot. In the summer, I tend to linger around the window when the sky gets dark. On this day, we had to turn on the lights at 3 in the afternoon. There was a thunderstorm of Neptunian proportions and at the same time, there was a fresh land site. The combination is awesome sometimes. As soon as we could see 100 feet, we jumped in the truck to head out to the site. We drove 15 miles per hour the whole way with windshield wipers on super mode. The moment we arrived, the rain stopped. We split up and each searched a separate edge of the site. I got last pick because I'm the dad, but it turned out to be lucky for me. My side had all the teeth on it! The best washout produced a 5 3/16 inch megalodon and a parotodus benedeni, not to mention many other less auspicious specimens. I remember when I saw the megalodon, there was only a dime sized area of enamel showing and I only saw it because I was walking slow. I didn't bring the camera because I learned my lesson about digital cameras and rain :-)
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/6/2006


Fossil Megalodon Tooth
Fossil Megalodon Tooth
False Mako (Parotodus Benedeni) Tooth
False Mako (Parotodus Benedeni) Tooth





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