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The Window Game

The dark clouds started rolling in one afternoon and the weezling and I stood side by side and smiled as the rain started to fall. Soon visibility was less than 100 feet out the window and we high 5'd and went to change our clothes to go out collecting. There was layer all over the place out at the pond from yesterday's post. As soon as we were ready and it was safe to drive, we rolled. We parked and jumped out of the truck like it was on fire. We speed walked to get to the good area because there was another collector just pulling in as we reached the area. The finds started immediately and we both busily went about our work. My son loves land collecting and since he's so close to the ground he rules at it. There was not a single complaint from him all day even though the mosquitos were out in full force. He loves to collect as much as I do when all he has to do is walk and pick up teeth. After about two hours it started getting dark so we had to go. "Just a little more", my son said as he picked up a couple teeth on the way back to the truck. He got a little closer to me and there was a mosquito on his arm at the same time as he saw a tooth on the ground. He picked up the tooth and then swatted the pest. Hardcore.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/20/2006


Megalodon Tooth
Megalodon Tooth





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