January 26, 2022  
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Best Great White of the year!

Da fosSz came down to hunt with me today, so I thought I would take him to a new place. It wasn't really a new place, but a little birdy (t money) told me that they were making it bigger by the day. He wasn't kidding. This place is MASSIVE. So I have offically dubbed it Mega-Pond. If you have been following my adventures long, you know that only the good spots get names. This is now a good spot. A few weeks ago when I came here, I really didn't find anything worthwhile, but today was oh so different. We were in such a wicked spot. The layer was intense. Bone everywhere. Between da fosSz and me, we found 4 whale ears and probably 50 pounds of bone which we summarily disposed of so as not to give hole snatchers any inkling of the killerness of our spot. I found 4 megs total, but they are basically all crap. The Great White, however is a different story. Oh MAN! What a beauty. I wish I had brought my camera so I could have shot it in the ground. Those are the most killer shots, you know? When any of my pals finds something, I always stand there so I can watch it be excavated. Anyway, this piece is the best great white I have found this year. If you look back, I have found some pretty good ones in the Cooper, but this one takes the prize. The colors are incredible! Orange, yellow, green, black, white. You name it, its there. I can't wait to go back and continue digging this spot!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/17/2001


2 1/8" Great White Shark Tooth
2 1/8" Great White Shark Tooth





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