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Bike ride turned fossil hunt

One afternoon the weezling and I were at home on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do so we decided to try something new. We went bike riding. He just learned to ride two wheels so we decided to go down to the local bike trail. It runs right next to a massive canal in Summerville. A few miles down the trail, our curiousity got the best of us and we stashed our bikes in the woods and we went down in the ditch to scout around for fossils. There wasn't a whole lot just laying out, but back in the day I'm sure this ditch produced some killers. We ended up hunting teeth for more of the day than riding bikes, but we had a blast and we both came home with some teeth.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/24/2006


Angustidens Galore!
Angustidens Galore!
More rain and more toothin
More rain and more toothin
Pleistocene Bonanza
Pleistocene Bonanza





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