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The Lucky Phone Call

One morning near the beginning of the school year I was in the ditch at the crack of dawn after I dropped the weezling off at school. We had a flooding rain the night before so I was excited about what treasures the ditch might hold. I was walking near a pretty good section of ditch and my cell phone rang. It was da f0ssZ and he was just calling to see what I was doing. There was a ripple in the force or something and he knew exactly what I was doing. He called to take part in some small way. For a few minutes he hunted with me as I described the creek bottom. "Rocks... more rocks... bike tire... rocks... can... microwave oven... more rocks..." All of the sudden I spied an angustidens resting partway in the sand. I gave df the play by play as I extricated the fossil. I rinsed it and saw the tip glisten in the morning sun peeking through the verdant canopy and swarm of bloodsucking pests. What a beautiful tooth! DF had to go back to work, so he hung up after his mid-morning coffee break and I finished the hunt. Nothing else the rest of the day even came close to the quality of the stymie but I figured it was well worth trying.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/25/2006

The chunk of megalodon is a rarity in this ditch. Mostly I find oligocene fossils there.

Fossil Giant White Shark Tooth
Fossil Giant White Shark Tooth





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