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One of those days that makes it worthwhile

I have been hunting at this one ditch for a while now, but I have never found anything good there. But I'm persistent! The fossil layer is under the bottom so I can only hunt it when its dry. Every time I go I throw the layer up on the edge that I dig out so tha weezling has a chance to find some teeth without having to dig for them. They are always small teeth, but he doesn't mind because he is finding more than me and all I am doing is digging a hole straight down. We talk about how far down we would have to go to dig before we hit China. Then he corrects me and says the magma would melt my shovel. How could I forget? Anyway, the small talk helps pass the time as I remove the squalid overburden. Garbage, decaying plant and animal matter, ditch water, you know, my normal surroundings. The hot South Carolina December sun cooked me but I finally made it to the layer. Oh it was sweet. Probably 8 inches deep littered with orange, white, pink, blue, and yellow rocks and bones nicely distributed in a light green colored clay-sand. The teeth are every color imaginable - just as varied as the rocks. I hit some serious fossil bone and then a massive but broken megalodon tooth. I cried. The serrations were sharp and the color was the same color as my biggest megalodon tooth - green, blue, and white. But it lost 1/4 of itself sometime ago. I took a break and let my son try the layer, but it was too hard for him to get into it. He didn't really care because he already had more than 20 teeth from hunting the side of the ditch. I jumped back in and started peeling back the layer. I revealed a nice root and I first thought mako. When I picked it up I could see the distinctive curve of a parotodus and it was complete! What a fantastic find! I rarely find benedeni teeth, especially by digging. This is the best one I pulled out since the forbidden pond from years ago. Ahh, the memories of hunting that place. Every hunt is a reminder of why this hobby is so fun.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/30/2006


Parotodus Benedeni - False Mako Shark Tooth
Parotodus Benedeni - False Mako Shark Tooth





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