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Reliving the Glory Days

The last few weeks have been busy; you know; Christmas, College Bowl games, New Years, and even work. I really could not take it any more; I needed to get my fossil fix. Even the yung-uns were begging to fossil hunt. Luckily some rains hit this week and even some late Friday night. This meant hitting creeks and possibly walking unfinished ponds. We arrived at a newer creek that we have been collecting at for about a year and were the first to hunt it. Myself and the boys picked up teeth and other goodies right from the sand/gravel bars. What fun!!! My youngest scored a nice 1.5” angy. We found a nice variety of fossils too; a lower deer tooth, a partial horse tooth, a pufferfish tooth and a handful of shark teeth. After snack, and answering my phone to THE USC fight song, DW was on the horn and he had a spot to dig. I raced (well below the speed limit, see Phozfoot post) to the site only to see the ground littered with layer and a nice borrow pit to boot. I got the boys suited up for their mud-fest, and I started to dig like I was 25. In a few minutes I scored a gem little angy. DW was hitting a large bone bed and I knew it was matter of time before he bagged a Meg. Sure enough, about an hour later, it was like the glory days for the BRFC, killer layer spewing fossils galore. DW unearthed a couple of megs, then the WeeZling served daddy by digging out the angy of the day and a nice little Meg. I bagged another nice angy and then my best land mako in about year. It almost looks like a Peruvian specimen. The vote was unanimous, BRFC hit the Bell to celebrate our serrated pillage!!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added1/6/2007

The total haul for the day. A row of nice teeth with some shamers. Note the large dugong rib on the right.

Fossil Mako
Fossil Mako
Angustiden Deuce
Angustiden Deuce





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