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Reliving the Glory Days

Da f0ssZ called me last week and said he was bringing the kids down for some fossil fun and I told him I was in. He came down early and hit a ditch while I slept in preparation for the day ahead. As soon as I hopped out of bed, I got into tooth hunting garb and the weezling and I were gone. We went to check out a spot in hopes that the rains the night before had washed out something nice. We arrived to something even better. An unfinished pond that had been previously filled with water had been drained and there was a huge unfinished bank that we could put a hurting on. I called da f0ssZ and I imagined him picking up a kid under each arm and dashing full speed back to his truck. Tha weEzlinG and I combed the banks for teeth hanging out and we found a few, but the real meat of our hunt was over on the non sloped bank because we could dig there. I started digging while my devout son continued to comb the piles. DF and company arrived soon after and soon we began our 5 pronged attack. I started on one side, and df started on the other and we dug toward the middle. I ran into a major bone bed and I soon unearthed the edge of a massive blade. I called everybody over as I nervously removed the overburden. I peeled away the dirt and finally my hopes were dashed when I found the root lobe was broken off. Everybody went back to digging, and a few minutes later I found another smaller but still respectable megalodon tooth. I completely exposed it before I called in the troops again. This time it was complete and gorgeous and everybody was motivated. Next, it was tha weEzlinG's turn. He scored a killer little 2 1/2 inch megalodon. He did a little dance and hooted and hollered for joy and did the rounds showing off his find. 30 minutes and 0 more megalodon teeth later, we were tired again and we decided to make a run for the border. We went back to the pond for round 2, and it was my son's turn again to score. This time it was a sweet angustidens. That was the last killer of the day, and it didn't take us long to get tired out again. When da f0ssZ and I finally connected the dig line in the middle of the pond we were sapped. It was a great hunt and it really did remind me of the glory days.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/6/2007

My haul for the day. I hit a megalodon hole for sure!
The weEzlinG's teeth, a 2 1/2 inch megalodon and a 1 13/16 inch angustidens. He was very proud.

Megalodon Tooth
Megalodon Tooth





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