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Hunting teeth straight after school.

I’ve wanted to go back and check out this spot for awhile and decided to go right after class. I recently transferred colleges and now I’m attending the College of Charleston (the same college that the Jedi Master had attended). I was quickly shown around after mentioning the Jedi Master’s name. I got to see some awesome fossils that the Jedi Master had donated to the school, one of the megs looked to be about 5 inches and in super hero quality condition. Well, back to the hunting the post. I just thought that was cool to mention. It was really windy and the temperatures were starting to drop. I walked quickly to the new digging area that I’m guessing is the same place that ditchweezil and da f0ssZ had pillaged a few days ago. I only had a few hours left to dig before it got dark and I dug until I could no longer tell the difference between rock and fossil. I didn’t come home with a meg today, but I did find a nice little mako shark tooth.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/8/2007


Fossil Mako Shark Tooth
Fossil Mako Shark Tooth





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